Tuesday 17 June 2014

Gibraltar - June 17, 2014

Rise and shine and off to another country. Today we headed to Gibraltar, a British territory located on the southern end of the Iberian Peninsula at the entrance of the Mediterranean Sea. The bus ride to the border was 1 hour, however, a couple minutes walk across a bridge brought us into another country. Three countries and two continents in a couple of days!

The amazing sight of the Rock of Gibraltar was breathtaking as slight wisps of cloud drifted across the top of the Rock. The Rock is the only landmark of the region.

We boarded our two minibuses and were given a tour of the region where we were brought on a panoramic tour of the of the lower part of Gibraltar and stopped for a Kodak moment at the Trinity Lighthouse.

Back on the buses to start our climb to the to nature reserve where we were wowed by the spectacular St. Michael's Cave.  We shared our experience with the approximately 230 Barbury Macques, the only wild monkeys found in Europe. One of our choir members not only shared the sightseeing experience but also her ice cream. A momma monkey insisted that our lady choir member share all her ice cream with her. To get the monkey off her back she graciously complied with the request.
Later on in the day we performed our last concert of our travels in "Casements Square." We opened with O Canada and God Save Queen. It wasn't long before we had the onlookers clapping along with us. Under the hot sun we closed with an emotional Ode to Newfoundland.

We then proceeded to the marina and to a delicious English supper of Fish and Chips. A delight to many travellers as this was reminiscent of meals from home. Back to the hotel and pack for our final stop - Madrid (home of our Tour Guide Manager - Adriana).

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