Friday 8 June 2018

June 5, 2018 - Kusadasi, Turkey and Patmos, Greece

Kusadasi is a frequent port of call for cruises, the town’s name, meaning “Bird Island”, is taken 
from an islet, known as Pigeon Island and joined onto the mainland by a causeway. 
Ephesus - Library
Silk Worm
Ephesus - Medusa

We boarded our coaches and met our two Turkish tour guides who took us on a walking tour 
of ancient Ephesus, we also had the opportunity to sing in the Agora. (Let There Be Peace on Earth). Exiting the ruins we walked the gauntlet where many merchants were hungry for business, through bartering many boxes of Turkish Delight were purchased.

Next ,we boarded our coaches and headed to a     co-op carpet factory where we watched ladies 
sitting and making a carpet which sometimes takes 9 to 14 months to make just one. Some choir member had the privilege to participate in the ancient art of rug weaving.  Next we were given a demonstration of how silk is produced from silk worms and then another demonstration of many different types of rugs.  The carpet factory provides us with snacks, however these treats were upstaged by a shopping frenzy where carpets, leather coats and purses where purchased by choir members.

Back on the bus before credit limits where maxed, and then back to the ship for a few hours of 
down time before our next adventure to Patmos. Patmos is known for the place where St. John 
wrote the Book Of Revelations. We were able to see the tiny cave where he had his student 
transcribe the book. The three fold split that demonstrates the Trinity could be seen on the 
ceiling of the cave.

St. John Cave - Book of Revelations


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