Tuesday 19 November 2013

Holiday Pops - The Hutton Family and NSO

A Hutton Family ChristmasThe Hutton name is synonymous with music, starting with Sir Charles W. Hutton KSG OBE (knighted by King and Pope for his musical contribution to Newfoundland, 1861–1949) through to his great great-grandchildren. The 4th generation: Christopher, Andrew, Ron, Ronalda, Dan, and Robin have all participated in numerous stage productions, radio, television and The Kiwanis Music Festival. Christopher and Andrew, as members of the Sanderlings singing group, performed on Tommy Hunter Shows, at Detroit's Cobo Hall, Parliament Hill, and the opening of PEI's Confederation Centre. Ronalda and Robin and their husbands have chosen careers in music. Ronalda has won several awards in Canada and the US and, not unlike her great-grandfather, she and Peter have made a huge musical contribution to the province - producing over thirty Peter MacDonald Productions. Their daughter Miranda MacDonald (5th generation) is following in their footsteps in Toronto. Robin and Stephen have performed across North America in productions like Mamma Mia! in Toronto (Robin) and Les Misérables on Broadway (Stephen). They have worked many seasons with the Stratford Festival and are now joined there with 5th generation Keely Hutton (Canadian Idol and Triple Sensation finalist). The Hutton family has been inducted into the Kiwanis Music Hall of Honour.

Event Details:
November 29, 2013 at 8:00pm
Cochrane Street United Church
Tickets $30 adult / $25 senior
Tickets can be purchased through the Arts and Culture Centre, St. John's, NL

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